arrowsGID Solutions provides Total Life Cycle Management (TLCM) and related services that enable our customers to succeed through people, processes and technology integration. Customers rely on us to develop and execute sound solutions to acquisition and sustainment challenges throughout the lifecycle process. Our leadership and vision are proven through collaboration and communication across the entire spectrum of TLCM, cradle to grave.

GID Solutions brings the analysis, tools, and disciplines to each phase to deliver capability sculpted to your needs and budget, making sure you Get It Done.

GID Solutions helps customers synchronize their acquisition and logistics practices to meet objectives established by leadership and enterprise requirements. Our strategic approach carefully balances current practices with performance objectives and metrics, process improvements, technology insertions, and budget considerations. The end result is overall strategic capability sustainment which delivers program objectives meeting the combined needs of the program manager and product support integrator.

Client relationships are the core behavior of the company. We pride ourselves on our strong alignment with the customer’s perspective on their challenges. GID Solutions emphasizes fresh analysis and best practices at the outset to design a tailored solution for each customer’s task, then executes with measurable plans to achieve cost-effective, high quality, documented results. Our experience and drive are yours to exploit in your environment.